Step into this busy little diner, and follow the little red rug over to the main counter.  Place your order, and then have a seat.  It is here that you will find the taste of the exquisite Haka style Chinese food that is unlike others you’ve tried before.

"Haka" Chinese food, a Manchurian expression of Chinese cookery resembles Indian food through similar spicy flavours.  The Mongolian-type dishes (Haka dishes) include scrumptious varieties, such as Okra and Shrimp, in a curry sauce.

It's no wonder that many who enjoy the flavours of Indian cuisine go to this Chinese restaurant.  However, make no mistake about it.  The lucky lanterns, decorated with green jade, the red decor, and the lucky cat standing by the kitchen / front bar area all tell us that we are surrounded by the lucky charms and positive energies of China.

Vegetarian varieties and unusual Chinese food dishes await you.  Why not pop into this casual restaurant and try some today.

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